Tuesday, May 30, 2006

hummingbird feeder : New store opens with new mural

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White Post artist and columnist Doug Pifer painted a mural at Wild Birds Unlimited, owned by Bruce and Dolores Johnson. The store is on Route 11 north in Creekside Station of Kernstown. It opened May 1.

The mural covers the entire wall around the entrance and windows at the front of the store, and depicts birds in a backyard habitat. The mural takes you through all four seasons, showing various feeders and bird attractors. Some 30 species of birds are depicted in situations typical for them.

Habitats for backyard include a garden with hummingbird and finch feeders, a dead snag in an overgrown fence row, an open field with a bluebird house, a house for purple martins and a bird feeder and bird bath set up in a backyard. A cob of corn is nailed to the trunk of a tree to attract squirrels and larger birds.

On either side of the store Pifer painted two 3-foot deep panels just below the ceiling, which depict spring and fall sky scenes. On the right wall, a 30 foot panel shows a spring sky with a treetop containing migrating warblers, and a broad-winged hawk being chased by a kingbird. On the left wall, a 20-foot panel shows an evening sky with a moon. It features a migrating flock of geese, a bat and night migrating songbirds flying across the face of the moon.

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