Thursday, August 14, 2008

Glass hummingbird feeders

During spring time till summer I will be spending most of my time in the garden watching humming birds flew in and out of the hummingbird feeders. This tiny birds with its beautiful colors and the sweet sounds its birds make for courting, calling its partners and so on make your time watching this bird a hobby.

Today's most of the humming birds feeders can be brought in many places and birds shops. Most of the colors are bright and most people prefer red, pink and orange colors. There many style and patterns sold and its comes in three types, glass, woods and steels. Glass hummingbird feeders are most prefer by most humming birds admire. For its beauty and easy to clean but the disadvantage is, once drop its gone.


Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring is here and hummingbird feeders is up again.

Watching hummingbirds flying in and out of the feeders is a parts of hobby. During spring time I used to hang up many hummingbirds feeders around my garden so that I watch the birds in the evening when I finish works. I had three feeders outside the garden and four along my house corridor looking out from the windows. To attracted hummingbirds to the feeders. First we must hand up the feeders in places under the shape and away from other big insect. The feeders must be clean and attractive in colors because hummingbirds like attractive and bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink and red.

Next a nectar juice make of sugar stir with warm water and must be change everyday or twice a day. The hummingbirds must be clean everyday as the birds likes clean area. Small insect such as spider are food for them. If your garden are full of gloom flowers, this added to another addition attraction to the birds of returning back to your garden every spring time. If you put hummingbirds feeders in your garden this year, you will definite to put it back again the next year as you will find it fun to watch the colorful birds flying in and out of the garden.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More hummingbirds feeders going up this coming spring

Spring is on the way as more household will be hanging out there hummingbirds feeders in their garden or places which their hang up last year to attract the hummingbirds to return to the feeders this year. In recent years more more people became interested in feeding this tiny and beautiful hummingbirds that more and more shops are mushroom up. Today we can see many shop displaying their latest models in their shop front to attracted their customers.

Today we can see there are difference design and color feeders on the market, even the price are very comparative. Most of the feeders are design of colorful glass of a house, fruits or any models that can attract their customer. Most hummingbird feeders design for easy to clean and hang and most design this year has bright colors such as red or even attach a red ribbon to the feeders. Job became quick easy even the nectar juice to feed the birds are ready made and food such as incest can be purchase.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Humminingbirds feeders comes in many design and colours

Hummingbirds is a tiny birds which has beautiful colours on it and this birds will returned to their nest every spring time if cares is taken off. Humminingbirds fedders comes in many beautiful bright colours to attracted the birds to the place and this humminingbirds fedders are make of glasses which is easily to clean and make its easily to watch the bird when inside but ones its drop its gone. Others are make of woods and steel which lighter to carry about. Todays humminingbirds feeders comes in many design that will make your garden beautiful.

If your hobby is to attracted humminingbirds to your garden every spring time a little works has to be done everyday. First humminingbirds like their nest to be clean, so you had to clean everyday. Make sure that your humminingbirds feeders is aways from other insects like squrrils and mouse. The food that the birds take are small insects and a kinds of juice make of warms water mixed with sugar and had to change it everyday.


Thursday, October 04, 2007

Change my hummingbird feeders into lamp during christmas

Last year I brought several glass hummingbirds feeders and put it my garden to attracted the hummingbird to it. Hummingbird is a tiny birds of beautiful colours which you love this tiny creature to return to your feeders every spring time. The glass hummingbird I brought is in all shape of variety of fruits and the colours is of bright colours and colours of fruits.

When the spring time is over and the hummingbird is gone and when Christmas arrived I change it to lamp. I put a candle inside the hummingbird feeders and light it, it looks very beautiful at night and if attracted many walked by to admire my creation. Even some of my neightboor start to follow me and its makes the whole area very beautiful to watch.


glass hummingbird feeders look more attractive than woods and plastic.

If you are beginners and who have the love of attracting hummingbirds to your garden or your house area it is best to buy small hummingbirds feeders as it is much easily to mantain like cleaning the feeders and so on. It is a good ideals to buy severals smaller hummingbird feeders and putting in diffrence location. The best location to place your hummingbird feeders is under the shape of of your house tree and make sure it is from the reach of other insect or squirrel.

Hummingbird feeders comes in many design, design of shape of fruits, house or lamps. The colour of today's hummingbird feeders are of bright colours which easily attracted the birds to your feeders. There are made of glasses, woods and plastic. Plastic and woods are lighter and easily to move and carried but will tend to discolour with age. Glass are heavier but when drop its gone. Glass feeders are easily to maintain and clean and besides glass hummingbird feeders are more attractive then the woods and the plastic. The price of glass feeders are more expensive than the woods and the plastic.


Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seening hummining birds back to your feeders every spring time

Attracting hummining birds to your feeders all you needs is a small house, it can be make of glass or a glass bottle, plastic or woods with bright colours such as red is the favourite for the birds or yellow or orange. The most important is to see that the hummining birdfeeders is at all time clean and dry. A home make nectar juice is a mixture of four parts of water and one parts of sugar stir in boiling water and let it to cool. Hang the humming birdfeeders under the shape of trees or under your house corridors freed from squrrial or others insects and easily for you watch the cute little birds from a short distance.

If having a garden full with flowers as this birds delightful visitor to any flower bed or garden patio will definate return to your place the next spring time as these small beautiful and colourful creatures are always busy looking for nectar and if your garden is full with flowers and home make juice and small insects as food is prepare for them and beside a clean and bright home, you can expect to see them return and returns again to your feeders every spring time.


Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hummingbirds makes many people as their hobby

Hummingbirds is a very colourful and one of the tiny bird in the world. This beautiful birds attraced many bird lovers to make this as their hobby and to have them in their garden during every spring time. To attract this hummingbirds to return every spring time we had to prepare a hummingbirds feeders under the shape of the tree and also see that the feeders are safe from squirrels.

To get your hummingbird feeders you can get it from bird shop or online. There are many design, shape, and colours of hummingbird feeders. If you choose your feeders make sure the feeder is bright in colours as one of the attraction for hummingbirds to your feeders. Hummingbird feeder are make of glasses, plastic or woods.

The nectar juice for hummingbirds is home make water mixed with sugar. The nectar juice had to change every two days and also the hummingbird feeder.