Friday, April 20, 2007

Its fun to watch the hummingbirds fly in and out.

Watching the hummingbirds fly to your hummingbirds feeders is quite very intersting as humming birds comes in many beautiful colours and one of the tiny birds in the world. I took the hobby to watch the hummingbirds fly to my feeders a few years back when I was at my friend house seening him watching hummingbirds.

I build myself a few hummingbird feeders around my house. I even brough two glass hummingbird feeders and place it on top of a tree and under the shape of my house. You had to be careful when placing the hummingbird feeder so that squirrel or other insect will not disturbed the birds. Other then that, the colours must be bright in colours and the humminingbird feeder must be clean most of the time.

A nectar juice, water mixed with sugar is place inside or outside the feeder and much change and refill quite often. If the humming is attracted to your hummingbird feeder this spring time the birds will definate returns the next spring. Its fun to watch the hummingbirds fly in and out.