Sunday, July 29, 2007

Seening hummining birds back to your feeders every spring time

Attracting hummining birds to your feeders all you needs is a small house, it can be make of glass or a glass bottle, plastic or woods with bright colours such as red is the favourite for the birds or yellow or orange. The most important is to see that the hummining birdfeeders is at all time clean and dry. A home make nectar juice is a mixture of four parts of water and one parts of sugar stir in boiling water and let it to cool. Hang the humming birdfeeders under the shape of trees or under your house corridors freed from squrrial or others insects and easily for you watch the cute little birds from a short distance.

If having a garden full with flowers as this birds delightful visitor to any flower bed or garden patio will definate return to your place the next spring time as these small beautiful and colourful creatures are always busy looking for nectar and if your garden is full with flowers and home make juice and small insects as food is prepare for them and beside a clean and bright home, you can expect to see them return and returns again to your feeders every spring time.



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