Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Spring is here and hummingbird feeders is up again.

Watching hummingbirds flying in and out of the feeders is a parts of hobby. During spring time I used to hang up many hummingbirds feeders around my garden so that I watch the birds in the evening when I finish works. I had three feeders outside the garden and four along my house corridor looking out from the windows. To attracted hummingbirds to the feeders. First we must hand up the feeders in places under the shape and away from other big insect. The feeders must be clean and attractive in colors because hummingbirds like attractive and bright colors such as orange, yellow, pink and red.

Next a nectar juice make of sugar stir with warm water and must be change everyday or twice a day. The hummingbirds must be clean everyday as the birds likes clean area. Small insect such as spider are food for them. If your garden are full of gloom flowers, this added to another addition attraction to the birds of returning back to your garden every spring time. If you put hummingbirds feeders in your garden this year, you will definite to put it back again the next year as you will find it fun to watch the colorful birds flying in and out of the garden.

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