Thursday, October 04, 2007

Change my hummingbird feeders into lamp during christmas

Last year I brought several glass hummingbirds feeders and put it my garden to attracted the hummingbird to it. Hummingbird is a tiny birds of beautiful colours which you love this tiny creature to return to your feeders every spring time. The glass hummingbird I brought is in all shape of variety of fruits and the colours is of bright colours and colours of fruits.

When the spring time is over and the hummingbird is gone and when Christmas arrived I change it to lamp. I put a candle inside the hummingbird feeders and light it, it looks very beautiful at night and if attracted many walked by to admire my creation. Even some of my neightboor start to follow me and its makes the whole area very beautiful to watch.


glass hummingbird feeders look more attractive than woods and plastic.

If you are beginners and who have the love of attracting hummingbirds to your garden or your house area it is best to buy small hummingbirds feeders as it is much easily to mantain like cleaning the feeders and so on. It is a good ideals to buy severals smaller hummingbird feeders and putting in diffrence location. The best location to place your hummingbird feeders is under the shape of of your house tree and make sure it is from the reach of other insect or squirrel.

Hummingbird feeders comes in many design, design of shape of fruits, house or lamps. The colour of today's hummingbird feeders are of bright colours which easily attracted the birds to your feeders. There are made of glasses, woods and plastic. Plastic and woods are lighter and easily to move and carried but will tend to discolour with age. Glass are heavier but when drop its gone. Glass feeders are easily to maintain and clean and besides glass hummingbird feeders are more attractive then the woods and the plastic. The price of glass feeders are more expensive than the woods and the plastic.